It is easy to call yourself a conservative but much harder to prove it. Carlton Soules has proven it. As a Republican on the liberal San Antonio City Council, Carlton never sacrificed his values or his constituents.  He publicly fought tax and rate increases, wasteful projects, and giveaways of taxpayer funds to special interests, despite being vastly outnumbered and repeatedly attacked by the liberal media. While holding on to his values, Carlton successfully championed efforts to better the lives of seniors, help veteran owned businesses, improve public safety, strengthen ethics, and spur economic development.


Carlton on the Issues


Property Tax Reform

Texans need real property tax reform, not smoke and mirrors.  I will champion legislation that protects the individual property owner from exorbitant property tax increases on both their homes and investment properties. The dream of owning a home should not be destroyed by out of control appraisals and increased rates.  We must also level the playing field between abusive appraisal districts and property owners who contest their appraisals.


School Finance

Every Texas child deserves the opportunity for a quality education, but the answer is not simply pouring more money into a broken system.  We need a complete overhaul, including holding corrupt and incompetent district leaders accountable, repealing “Robin Hood” legislation, developing more solutions for families in failing schools, and demanding transparency in budgeting and debt structure.



Our road dollars should go to build roads. As a city councilman and a board member of the Alamo MPO I fought the streetcar project that would have misappropriated critical road construction dollars. As a state representative, I will continue to fight plans that use state road dollars on wasteful streetcar and light rail projects. The voters in District 121 and San Antonio have rejected this issue over and over again. I will make sure there voices are respected.  I will not support toll road projects.

Border Security.png

Border Security & Immigration

The federal government has failed to secure our borders.  If Washington politicians won’t protect the citizens of Texas, it is up to our state leaders to take charge.  I support Governor Abbott’s efforts to secure the border and reign in liberal local governments who want to create “sanctuary cities”.


Second Amendment

I am a strong defender of our Second Amendment Rights and the heritage of gun ownership in Texas.  As a lifelong gun owner and hunter who has received the highest ratings from both the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association, I will fight any attempt to restrict our constitutional rights or diminish our Texas values.


Right to Life

I believe life is sacred and that life starts at conception.  Texas is leading the way in protecting the rights of the unborn child and I support those efforts.


Preserving Jobs & the Economy

Our Texas economy is the envy of the nation. We must protect our economy from over-regulation, over-taxation, and the constant threats of lawsuit abuse. Texas must remain the beacon of free enterprise. Our entrepreneurial spirit has lifted up millions of citizens and made our great state an economic powerhouse on the world stage.

The Alamo.png

Preserving Texas Values & Heritage

Texas is a special place with a unique history and noble citizens.  We value hard work, integrity, friendliness, and our fierce independence. We care about our Texas heritage and don’t want it watered down, “re-imagined,” or removed from our children’s history lessons. I will stand up to the liberal politicians who are actively trying to change Texas to look more like California or New York. While there is always work to be done and things to improve, I am proud of my state and our accomplishments.  In my view, the rest of the country would be in a better place if it looked more like Texas.