Don’t Mess With The Alamo Cenotaph!

The Alamo Cenotaph  stands as an memorial to the men who died defending the Alamo.

The Alamo Cenotaph stands as an memorial to the men who died defending the Alamo.

The Alamo is a place of reverence for Texans, both for natives and for those who decided to call Texas their new home.  Yet, it holds an even deeper meaning for those of us who are direct descendants of the brave men and women who settled, worked, struggled, fought, and in the case of the Alamo, died, for the dream of independence and the founding of a new nation.

The Alamo, and by extension the Cenotaph, is a symbol of our heritage, so when a handful of city councilmen and east coast consultants decide they want  to “re-imagine” the Cradle of Texas Liberty, we understandably get nervous.

Among the most disconcerting proposals is the push for relocating the Cenotaph.  

Lets review.  The Cenotaph (empty tomb)  was commissioned in 1936 during the Texas Centennial celebration and honors the Alamo Defenders who fought and died in the famous 1836 battle.  

The State of Texas, San Antonio’s elected & civic leaders, and direct descendants of those who perished at the Alamo all contributed in creating this sacred monument. Upon its dedication in 1940, tens of thousands of Texans celebrated.

Over the past 78 years since its dedication, Presidents have spoken in front of the monument, thousands of ceremonies have taken place beneath its shadow, and millions of people from around the world have viewed the Cenotaph and reflected upon its name, “The Spirit of Sacrifice”.

Why are our current mayor, council members, and their east coast consultants so determined to rewrite the history of the Alamo, of which the Cenotaph is now an integral part? They seem to have decided that our local leaders and the leaders of the State of Texas in 1936 simply “got it all wrong”. Their efforts to “re-imagine” the Alamo using their own interpretation represents the height of arrogance and disrespect  for our history and our forefathers.  What they fail to realize is that the Cenotaph is a powerful symbol of Texas heritage, has earned its place in history, and  must be treated with respect. Regardless of their  arguments as to why it should be moved,  the Cenotaphs physical location is now an inseparable part of its own history and that of the Alamo.

The Cenotaph may sit on City owned land, but it belongs to the people of Texas and must not be subjected to the whims of a small minority of politicians and downtown special interests.  It most certainly should not be lifted up and relocated to an obscure corner of downtown. It is time to draw a line in the sand.  I will do everything in my power to keep the Cenotaph in its rightful location, and I encourage everyone who cares to contact the Mayor’s office and the Texas General Land Office to let them know “Don’t Mess With The Cenotaph”.

Thank you,

Carlton Soules